View Full Version : Triumph Daytona at 158.7 mph on fermented apples.

Tony From West Oz
9th May 2008, 01:16 AM
Biofuels Media Ltd. (http://www.biofuelsmedia.com/news_link.php?new=100)

Captain Echidna
9th May 2008, 09:36 PM
I dont think its just the speed that is the interesing thing about the article.
The fact that it was students doing it is one thing, also the fact that they made their own fuel is another, and it also hilighted that you dont need to make ethanol from food grade corn is probably the big one. I also am running into idiots who have been brainwashed with "biofuels are bad because they cause people to starve", nice to see an article that debunks that myth.