View Full Version : Mix Tank Production

14th May 2008, 08:28 AM
The first production mix tank is up and running and customer reports that it works a treat.

So now we have finalised costings and they can be shipped Australia wide.

takes a 200L load.
Adjustable legs and height.
provision for bolting to floor.
Integrated stirrer, and drive mount.
Integrated inspection window/heating element mounting.
3/4 socket top outlet.
40mm socket bottom outlet.
600mm wide
400mm deep
approx 1.5m high.
reinforced top edge for supporting drums being emptied into top.
shaped to enhance mixing flow.
16G steel construction
Powder coat finish, in a choice of colours.

$560 + GST + Freight
ralinnovations.com (http://ralinnovations.com)