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19th May 2008, 01:34 PM
Hi all my name warren (wassa)for short
I would like to build 100 lt aday plant but need help with tec
I live at Chambers Flat south of brisbane
I would like to get to know same one who could help me
Iam a welder and fitter by trade
I a full work shop at home mig welder lath and mill
May be you need a new one and we could build 2 at the same time
If any one would like to help give me a call 0412070007 or drop me a line via PM.
Thank you wassa

19th May 2008, 06:49 PM
Hi Wassa, congrats on the donation. What exactly do you need help with. There are loads of good plans. I'm assuming you are after plans for a cone bottom?

try making biodiesel at home com - Plans for Building a Cone Bottom Biodiesel Processor (http://www.making-biodiesel-at-home.com/biodiesel-processor-plans.html) for plans for making the cone. I used hti site and the cone came out perfectly.

As for the plumbing try this page: Welcome - Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial Website (http://biodieselcommunity.org/)

All the best and let us you how go.

19th May 2008, 10:34 PM
Thank you Joe I would like to know which is best open or closed circet and i would like to see one working thank you wassa