View Full Version : Praj wins big biofuel contract to supply Vivergo

22nd May 2008, 08:20 PM
(automatically updated/inserted from The Big Biofuels Blog)

Praj has won a big biofuels contract (http://www.myiris.com/rss_index.php?fileR=2008/05/22/20080522130606193)to supply (http://www.myiris.com/rss_index.php?fileR=2008/05/22/20080522130606193)keyequipment to Vivergo Fuels (http://www.myiris.com/rss_index.php?fileR=2008/05/22/20080522130606193), UK through its subsidiary, BioCnergy EuropaB. V, a Joint Venture with Aker Solutions, Netherlands, according to myiris.com,. The plant is designed to produce 400m litre/year fuel ethanol. In case you didn't know Vivergo, is a joint venture between DuPont, BP and British Sugar, (http://www.vivergofuels.com/about-us.html) in Hull, UK.

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