View Full Version : Are ethanol stocks good bargain buys?

11th June 2008, 09:30 PM
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Are ethanol stocks good bargain buys? (http://www.gracecheng.com/stocks/2008/06/11/are-ethanol-stocks-good-bargain-buys/#comment-3506) That's the question on Grace Cheng Financial News and Opinion. I don't really like quoting blogs that tip stocks or don't mostly. This site is not about tipping horses, greyhounds, snails or any other animal or entity that you can bet on. Mostly because I'm not qualified. While I recognise that brokers and analysts have a place in the hierarchy of things, I'm not sure why it appears to be higher than bookmakers...

Our blogger thinks that biofuels stocks may bounce back in the states, everything in the long term bounces... But the rising cost of corn in the US is going to be a difficulty that many companies will have to face.

Interestingly he says that the price of corn and ethanol are linked... Does that mean that the price of corn is linked to the price of crude yet?

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