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24th June 2008, 07:37 AM
hello i have a few questions i hope i can get them answer here
i live in guyana we have alot of sugarcane i want to make ethanol or E85
i want to make about 40GALLON a month what do i need to do this also we have alot of molasses

Tony From West Oz
24th June 2008, 10:21 PM
Welcome to the forum.
You need to do some research on small scale ethanol production. Perhaps if you google "ethanol production at home" you will get some useful links.

I do not know much about making the Ethanol (much more about personal consumption of it) or any laws relating to doing it in Guyana.

You need to check on local laws to avoid becoming a target for local law enforcement officers.

There are some members of this forum who do distill Ethanol. Perhaps they will be able to give you some pointers.

If you are making Ethanol as a fuel, it needs to be distilled using a "fractionating column" to keep as much water as possible out of the condensate (product) Even with this technique, the best you can achieve is 95% pure due to the affinity of water and alcohol causing the boiling point of the ethanol to rise closer to the boiling point of water as the ethanol is distilled off the water. 95% is pure enough to use as a fuel, but you may need something to assist the ethanol blended with the petrol (for E85 or other blends). I believe that Eucalyptus oil is beneficial in this matter.

Please keep us informed of your progress in producing your own fuel.


26th June 2008, 12:52 AM
There is a thread on this forum that gives a fair amount of detail on distilling ethanol.

Have a read of this. (http://www.biofuelsforum.com/australian_ethanol_discussion/2081-moonshine_anyone.html)