View Full Version : Cellulosic biofuel could lower US carbon emissions by 370 megatons by 2030

28th June 2008, 02:20 AM
(automatically updated/inserted from The Big Biofuels Blog)

"Lower carbon fuels, such as celluosic biofuels, could abate between 100 and 370 megatons of emissions, though this potential is highly dependent on innovation rates and near-term commercialisation of these technologies"

With the kicker about the US Auto industry that:

"Improved fuel efficiency could provide 240 to 290 megatons of abatement"

For me that is the key finding in Reducing Greenhouse gas emissions how much and at what cost (http://www.mckinsey.com/clientservice/ccsi/greenhousegas.asp), a new report from McKinsey & Company

Of course going along these routes is going to cost some people more than others, but then again, so is not following a route to reduce carbon emissions, McKinsey seems to be saying in its report.
The cost, by the way, seems to be around $50/ton if there are no automtotive fuel efficiency savings.

More (from The Big Biofuels Blog)... (http://www.icis.com/blogs/biofuels/archives/2008/06/cellulosic-biofuel-could-lower.html)