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vege oil systems
18th August 2008, 10:31 PM
ATG Vegetable Oil Kits 2 tank system with new controller.All kits are a 2 tank system with main fuel heating via Heat Exchanger and Diesel-Therm preliminary heating, to enable diesel engined vechicles to run on waste vegetable oil.ATG controller with inline temp sender ,Quick Purge Timer with veg alarm,enables high speed diesel flushing and still switched to vege oil warning buzzer.
Made to very high quality ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED.

There are over 7000 of these kits fitted worldwide.

These are DIY kits and can be easily fitted by someone with a little mechanical know how or by your local mechanic.Come with easy to follow instructions.

All kits come with heat exchanger,veg pre filter(red),diesel filter and fuel pipes,rubber and transparent with brass reinforcement protective ferrules,Switching & venting solenoids with led indication,mounting chassis including ATG's Diesel-Therm thermostatically controlled electrical heater(please do not confuse these solenoids with lessor makes, these are top quality, designed for long service, high throughput and installation flexibility and they do not stick. Better than 6 port motorised valves as they cannot be timed independently),Discreet Dashboard Switch Console (50mm highx70mm longx 22mm deep) with vege oil green LED, system up to temperature green LED and with the additional option of a low level tank float switch and LED to indicate auxiliary tank is low on fuel,of coars the still switched to veg warning system to remind driver that they have not flushed back to diesel.Relay and plug/socket wiring loom,with quick purge timer and additional extra relay bases for optional return and pump installation,fuel tubing, accessory bag including clips,lugs,ferrules fuse etc.

12V-08mm ID fuel line,for vehicles that have a 08mm fuel feed and return more than 18mpg-15Ltr/100km.

12V-10mm ID fuel line,for vehicles that have a 10mm fuel feed and return more than 14mpg-20Ltr/100km.

12V-10mm ID fuel line,for vechicles that have a 10mm fuel feed and return more than 9mpg-30Ltr/100km.

24V-10mm ID fuel line,for vehicles that have a 10mm fuel feed and return more than 9mpg-30Ltr/100km.

24V-13mm ID fuel line,for vehicles that have a 13mm fuel feed and return more than 9mpg-30Ltr/100km.

PRICING STARTS AT AU$1400.00(P120811).

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Vege Oil Systems.

(Will get some pics up when I work out how).

20th August 2008, 12:35 AM
2 tank system - does the kit include the 2nd tank?

vege oil systems
5th September 2008, 07:26 PM
Pictures up