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29th July 2006, 11:26 AM
I started playing with WVO a few months ago...
Initially my WVO Diesel blends were 20%WVO, gradually I've gear up the % of WVO until now I'm at about 90-95% WVO.
I've been experiment with Turps, Metho and Petrol (thanks Gary from Brisbane) as an additive to the WVO, all work OK.
Filtering the WVO is done at room temp..
I'm now collecting 150 - 200l at a time (over a day or 3) the WVO is placed in an old 44 and sits for 5 days, this brings the good stuff to the top and the crap settles on the bottom, I remove the good oil and put the dud stuff on the fire that heats the house.
The good WVO is then filtered 3 times (still at room temp).
The final product is clean, free WVO...


Tony From West Oz
29th July 2006, 07:09 PM
While that may work fine now, what do you think might be the issues you have in 12 months or 3 years down the track?
University tests on diesel engines running on high % vegetable oils have reported severe coking of the top compression rings and of the injector. With IDI engines this was less evident. With heated vegetable oil this was also less evident.

I recommend that you install a second tank and fuel system to handle the oil. Start on diesel and when the engine and veggie are warmed up, then change to veggie. At the end of the trip, change back to diesel and run the engine for a few minutes to purge the veggie to avoid cold oil causing engine coking.

If you do not wish to follow this, then I recommend that you at least add heat to the veggie oil to bring it to ~80 C.

The conversion costs will be recouped in less than 12 months of usage.

aussie bloke
29th July 2006, 09:06 PM
giday sputnick,
I just bought a 2.8 hilux and will be converting it soon, it will be the same as the powerstroke, i would strongly recommend that you heat the veggie before being burnt, i purge every time and a powerstroke is the best engine for veggie because the oil doesn't go into the injector punp it goes into the heads. check out this site http://www.freeautoadvice.com/diesel/psdnslist.html (http://freeautoadvice.com/diesel/psdinjector.html)
cheers mark

6th August 2006, 02:41 PM
OK, taken the advice.. I'm now heating the WVO before the filter, temp is 70-80c.. NOW what do you suggest I do about the cold starts? Longer reach glow plugs? or???


Running on 100% WVO for a few 1000Ks now with min mods

6th August 2006, 09:17 PM

University tests on diesel engines running on high % vegetable oils have reported severe coking of the top compression rings and of the injector. With IDI engines this was less evident.

I have seen this problem mentioned in a lot of various discussion boards but little about what would seem a worthwhile preventative insurance in the form of water injection.

I have never seen anything much about the use of water injection with SVO which I find surprising given water injection's well known properties of keeping combustion chambers clean. I saw this first hand just couple of weeks ago at my mechanics. He was changing a head gasket on a car that was partially blown. While the water seepage was very small, the two cylinders that were leaking were very evident as the were completely clean to the point of the combustion chamber in the head and the top of the piston being shiny ( almost polished looking) and the other cylinders all haveing a very evident layer of carbon in them.

Given the simplicity and minimal cost of water injection, I often wonder why it is not a lot more popular with SVO users in preventing any problems with coking of pistons and keeping injectors clean. Of course there are other benifits associated with water injection like more power through the denser air charge and in high performance petrol engines, it has the benifit of suppressing pre-ignition. I would also think that in a diesel engine it could be effective in lowering EGT's.

There are a number of commercial water injection systems available on the market as well as lots of plans for DIY systems on various car sites.

Captain Echidna
8th August 2006, 07:12 PM
I spoke to a guy last night who said early caterpilar bulldozers used to spray water in the intake to de coke them.
Of course if it does stop pre ignition, isn't that what diesels use to ignite the fuel? Perhaps as a decoker/ intercooler on a turbo diesel could be an idea?