View Full Version : WVO (settled and filtered) available Brisbane

7th September 2008, 03:26 PM
I've been collecting and settling WVO for many months now and am finally starting to fill containers with it. Until I find just the perfect vehicle to use this in I can provide 20 litre containers of Canola vegetable oil to anyone interested at 50 cents/litre. It's hot-filtered out of the fryer then coarse filtered when cold into a 240 litre plastic settling tank. The OVERFLOW then goes into a 60 litre collection tank and is hand-pumped from the BOTTOM of that (to eliminate any floating particulates) through a gause filter of perhaps 50 microns into the containers. When I run it through a 5 micron bag it shows almost no residue (but takes a long time of course).

I'm on the south side of Brisbane in Sunnybank Hills and would be quite happy for anyone to come and see how I am processing the oil (I've posted pictures before) and discuss this with me. Any suggestions always welcome, but if you're thinking of flaming me for my efforts (and especially if you produce unreadable nonsense) don't bother as I'll just block your ID.

CAUTION there may be traces of solvents and/or bacteria in the product so this is ***NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION*** even though it "looks better than what I cook in" according to one forum member who's a chef and has had a look at it. Regards Felix.