View Full Version : wood based liquid (like a wood Molasses)

4th October 2008, 08:46 AM
Dear Sir / Madam
We where hoping you may be able to help find a buyer or tell us the best place to look.
We can supply a wood based liquid (like a wood Molasses) that is an extract from 100% Australian Eucalyptus trees + water (steam).

The process to extract the tree sap is steam to soften the trees then pressure to squeeze out 99% of the liquid of the tree, the tree fibre is used to make other products
It has small amount of food related sugars and large amounts of wood sugars as well as standard minerals and carbons found in hard wood.
We did have a bio fuel plant run a small fermentation test on the food related sugars Only and the return on these food sugars was 4% per volume, they do not have the right
enzymes to turn wood sugars into ethanol, plus i think it was to hard as the gain they use is just around the corner.
We have also sold some for land regeneration and to stock feed lots, it is 100% Organic ( but not certified)

We can supply a Maximum of 400,000 litres per week ex Brisbane Australia.

Thank you for your time