View Full Version : Hydrogen is not Bio, but it is fuel...

14th January 2009, 03:02 PM
Only if you're interested... www.water4gas-glenville.com (http://www.water4gas-glenville.com)

I thought at one time somebody was pulling my leg, when they said I could power my rig on the scum covering my back acre pond... they were right, I was wrong.

Hydrogen can be made through electrolysis. It is dangerous, it is flammable, it can enhance the current fuel your using to power your vehicle.

It is not a stand alone fuel as Gasoline or even bio fuels are, but it can give you better fuel mileage and it has next to no foul emissions, which will clean up the environment.

Like I said... only if you're interested in learning about new techniques and technology that is available. If not, no hard feelings... after all this is forum is about bio-fuel and hyrdogen is an alternate fuel, but fuel none the less.

Then again, I wouldn't be upset to see some of you bio fuels come on over to some of our water4fuel forums and teach us a few things about bio fuel technology...