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6th June 2009, 02:14 AM
The Verde Biotrailer. A complete mobile biodiesel processing units by Verde Biofuel (http://www.verdebiofuel.com). The only "other" mobile unit out there @ 10% of the cost. Process up to 900 gallons per five day period. Process at your fuel at the farm, on the job site or at home. Not a kit!

http://vision.websitewelcome.com/%7Everdebio/components/com_fpss/images/VBT3600_01.jpgCheck out our new videos on our You Tube channel: www.youtube.com/verdebiofuel (http://http://vision.websitewelcome.com/%7Everdebio/images/vb_fries.jpg)

Verde Biotrailer 1200 - 5' x 8'

The bare bones work horse of our line-up, this mobile biodiesel processor has a more confined interior. It is very “user friendly” and capable of producing 300 gallons of biodiesel every 5 days.
Learn more . . . (http://www.verdebiotrailers.com/sm-verde-biotrailer.html)

Verde Biotrailer 2400 - 6' x 12'

The most processor for the money, this mobile biodiesel processing trailer produces 600 gallons of premium biodiesel every 5 days.
Learn more . . . (http://www.verdebiotrailers.com/med-verde-biotrailer.html)

Verde Biotrailer 3600 - 8' x 16'

This monster is made to continuously produce fuel on a large scale. With a 900 gallon per 5 day period, this 8’ X 16’ mobile biodiesel processor can supply fuel for almost any business.
Learn more. . . (http://www.verdebiotrailers.com/lg-verde-biotrailer.html)