View Full Version : Mercedes injectors for sale

12th July 2009, 02:55 AM

Have you tested your injectors lately? Do you have the power you used to have? More smoke than you remember? There's that tapping sound that drives you crazy (nailing) ... Or maybe you've been running on WVO (waste veggie oil) for about 50,000 miles -- give or take a few thousand -- or maybe just 100k on diesel or biodiesel. If any of this sound familar maybe you should break down and pop test your injectors! Pop test? If you email me I'll send you a link on how you can build your own pop tester. Have you checked your timing in the last 50k? If not, I'll send you a link that shows you how to do it yourself. So anyway, I have a few good used Mercedes injectors that have been pop tested at 115 bar.
Mercedes 240 d or 300d email me if you need a turbo diesel injector at 135 bar I have a few

$35 each.

I can send up to 4 lbs flat rate envelope for $17 (injectors are about a 1lb each)

anyway email me with any ?