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tim marshman
19th October 2009, 12:44 PM
I have available a number of stainless vessels that would make ideal processors. They were recirculating paint system pots and have a domed bottom, a flat lid with inspection hatch, are equipped with a pneumatically driven agitator and some stainless valves.

I also have a bunch of industrial filtration equipment, pumps, vacuum pumps, stainless valves, control boxes, PLC systems, electrical switch gear, VSD units, hazardous area light fixtures, etc.

I am in Hindmarsh Adelaide and can be reached on 0419 363 992. If you are interested in dropping past you can also check out my own bio project.
I can be contacted via my website www.blackboxproductions.com.au (http://www.blackboxproductions.com.au/) I will eventually get round to listing all this equipment there in the surplus industrial section but in the mean time contact me via the website if you want pictures etc.

24th October 2009, 09:58 AM
Wow, Tim, just checked out your website, and it looks like you're building one serious biodiesel plant! You collect enough oil from your customers to fill those tanks? When do you expect your processor to be completed?


tim marshman
24th October 2009, 05:32 PM
Hi Justin,
Thanks for your interest in my project.
Unfortunately I have to spend most of my time working on my main businesses so progress is slow, I have actually built quite a bit more than what you can see on the website but I am trying to make both plants (a 600L batch plant and a 3L/ min continuous flow plant) fully automated wilt full instrumentation and PLC control itís a huge job: most valves need to be automated. Making continuous coalescing separation and flash distillation stages work stably under automated control requires a large number of positive displacement pumps with VSD control and a couple of critical actuated control valves as well a liquid level sensors and interface detectors.

Im still a fair way off actually producing diesel but the big vertical tank is full, its about 25000L and I have at least that again in IBCs, The horizontal 9000L tank is empty as I only want to put spotlessly clean and dry oil or product on that tank as the lack of a conical base could lead to tank fouling, no fun to clean on a large scale.

The section of the plant Im currently working on has nothing directly to do with biodiesel: Itís the pretreatment section and have a 160KW electric boiler for heating a couple of heat exchanges and a Westfalia auto cleaning disc stack centrifuge. This is the pre treatment section that should produce hot clean dewatered, and with the addition of one more section, vacuum dried oil at nearly 200L min if I have enough power available to run boiler at full power. My building only has an 80A 3 phase supply about a third of what that boiler needs but I have a 120KVA generator that we hire out for outside broadcast jobs that will still allow me to process fairly fast. The purification skid is quite close to completion.

This is my priority for several reasons: Im running out of storages space and currently I need to buy more IBCs every month to store what Im collecting. Also unfortunately the economics of commercial biodiesel in Australia are somewhat questionable. Largely because once the oil is clean enough itís almost too valuable on its own to make Diesel out of particularly once you factor the administrative cost of excise compliance, and demonstrating that you meet the Australian standard

As soon as the purification and pretreatment section is finished I will be able to sell my current oil stocks for a much needed boost to the finances that will hopeful assist a little with finishing off the other bits and I will solve my storage problem.

Because I have spent a huge amount of time and significant money designing and building the biodiesel sections of the plant, not to mention procuring the many components (Its largely built with industrial surplus components sourced in Australia and a few difficulty to find items came from US ebay sellers; this is essential as if you are forced to buy industrial process control components new you can spend several thousand dollars for one valve or for one level transmitter ) I do want to finish it as its my grossly out of control personal pet project, itís a fascinating technical challenge and important to me. However to put things in perspective a few years ago when I started building it virgin feedstock could be had in bulk for less than a third of what high quality purified VWO peeked at before the GFC and less than Ĺ its current value and it heading back up again. At that point a 1M+ L/year plant (about the output of a small to medium ABATTOIR) could potentially have been operated quite profitably, if it was efficient and sufficiently automated and designed to automatically deal with variations in feedstock quality. These days I have to face the fact that the biodiesel side if things is an overgrown hobby and not a reliable commercial prospect. Oil collection is commercially viable but its difficult to scale up all that much since high prices for WVO have made it a very very competitive industry with a significant number of players fighting for market share

Hopefully one day I will finish all the biodiesel specific section of the plants. I already have almost all the components I need and several sections are almost finished but the time involved is huge. Even when if physically complete there will be a long process of testing, fine tuning, problem solving and all the associated PLC programming and lab work.

In the process of procuring parts for my various oil related projects I seem to have developed another business dealing in specialized industrial equipment and process plant to justify my collecting habits. We have a lot of relevant equipment in quantities beyond the needs of my projects, and ongoing design changes and finding items that were a better fit for a particular application, have meant in some cases that I no longer need certain items that I originally intended to use. its slowly being entered on the surplus section of my web site but only a small proportion is listed thus far. Chances are that if you are looking for something we have it

If you want to see some more plant photographs shoot me your email address.