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Fat Man
31st August 2006, 11:22 PM
Hi All, here's a couple of tools some of you may find useful.

Digital Scales - $75.00 from Jaycar, accurate to .1g
What can you say, there scales, also came with the case, cover and a 100g test weight

Digital multimeter - $25.00 from Jaycar, samples temperature from -40c to +1000c in 1Deg steps vie a flexible probe, see the picture, the metal rod is an old telescopic car aerial with the temp probe just showing at the end, good thing about this is you get the temp gauge, plus AC, DC, Caps, Transistors and resistance all for $25 bucks

Filters - 25cm filter cones, filter down to 25 microns, a pack of 50 for $24.00 from AGC Catering Equipment, 13-15 Hume Highway, Greenacre, 2190
02 9742 5411, or just check the Yellow Pages under Catering Equipment, that's where I found them.

NOH - still available from Kleenco at Bankstown but is now $75 bucks for a 25kg bag

Methanol - still available from Whities at Merrylands and still for $1.30 / ltr or $205 200 ltr per drum

The Fat Man

7th May 2007, 09:29 PM
Fatman are there any updates to this?

Would be nice if we could also build a list of other supplies like Black pipe etc etc