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20th January 2010, 02:03 PM
Hi all,

I have been toying with the idea of installing a HHo generator for a while now, but am concerned with overloading my alternator. I understand the cruiser alternators come in 2 sizes of rated output (i cant remember the output values though - have to have another squiz at the book). The problem is the literature I have doesn't tell me how to tell the difference.

In the evening when I can I run my spotties - all up lights on the front is close to 400 watts plus the stock headlights. There is occasions when I also run the work lights on the back, (another 200 watts) but not all that often at the same time as the spotties. I dont want to have use some fancy isolating / switching mechanism for auto disconnect of the hho supply when lights are on, so I would like to size the HHO unit to draw the most i can (with appropriate safety buffer) so as to not cook my alternator.

Does anyone have any experience with 2001 model landcrusier alternators?

On reflection I guess the higher rated output alternator would be for the sahara with duel everything, but I am just not too sure.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to your response.:)

20th January 2010, 06:36 PM

Thanks for the clearer understanding of the workings of an alternator. Autolectrics it has never been a calling card of mine. I do remember though my brother frying his generator? / alternator in his 64 chevy belair when he put some B727 landing lights on thre front.......

The things we do when we are young eh? Could have made toast a 40 metres with those.......

anyhoo, Yep there certainly are two schools of thought with the HHo business, I might just try to prove you wrong though old mate.....!! (it could go either way really so I shouldnt be too cocky:D)

But back to the task at hand - how do I tell what rated output my alternator is good for? I imagine there would be some markings, but I have had a look and cant seem to see anything related to amps / wattage.

Wish it was friday.....:cool:

22nd January 2010, 12:21 AM
Hello Captaincademan,

There are just too many nay sayers in this world. Just because HHO injection defies the first law of thermodynamics,,,what do they know.

Have you had a look at the Jenny cell?
The Jenny cell is an aetheric energy receiver (aka aetheric energy charger) and accumulator technology. This technology is entirely dry and solid state (i.e., liquid-free) and various instantiations of this technology may be constructed as a permanently-sealed device with an expected useful lifetime of over 40 years. :eek:
Unlike Joe Cells, Moe Cells and Proton Cells, which employ finicky and difficult-to-prepare liquids which often exhibit a useful lifetime of only a few weeks to a couple of months, the Jenny Cell technology does not employ any liquid media and thus there is no need to prepare, clean, condition or charge any liquids prior to using the device. And, since the Jenny Cell is not only a solid state dry technology, but also far more stable in terms of performance than devices in the liquid-media Joe Cell and Proton Cell categories, the Jenny Cell is far less finicky than the liquid-media based technologies.
It is maintenance-free; there is no liquid media to condition, charge or replenish, there are no worries or wondering about whether the liquid media really is charged or not, there is nothing to tune, and best of all, when used as an adjunct in automotive use, the device operates entirely by proximity field effect -- there are no attachments or connections which need to be made from the Jenny Cell to a petroleum-fueled engine or other device in order to effect a transfer or coupling of aetheric energy.

There are two types of Jenny Cell
Type I Jenny Cell
The Jenny Cell type I technology, much like the Joe Cell and the Proton Cell, employs concentric coaxially-aligned metal tubes, with a customized mixture of dry exotic high-ormus ores filling the inter-coaxial space. Some versions employ also a cluster of small but powerful neodymium magnets at the heart of the cell, deployed in a specific and precise geometry.
While the type I Jenny Cell will accumulate an aetheric energy charge over time even with no DC bias applied, it will charge much faster if a DC bias voltage of anywhere from 1.3 VDC to about 100 VDC is applied. Due to traditional capacitive charging effects when power is first applied to a Jenny Cell, the cell draws only a very tiny current, well less than 0.3 ua (microamperes) at 15 VDC, for a total power consumption of under 0.000004 watts, or less than 4 microwatts!

A newly constructed type I Jenny Cell may take anywhere from 2 days to 4.5 days to reach full aetheric energy charge if a DC bias voltage of about 12 VDC to 15 VDC is applied, and more than twice as long to reach a state of full charge if no DC bias voltage is employed.
And, much like a Joe Cell or Proton Cell, once a Jenny Cell has reached full charge, it will act as a reservoir for aetheric energy, and will radiate etheric energy (some choose to call it orgone energy) out to a radius of anywhere from a few feet to as much as over 1,000 feet, dependent upon the size of the cell, the number of concentric tubes arrayed in the cell, the inter-cylinder spacing, the fill material employed and the magnitude of the DC bias voltage applied to the cell, if any.

Early tests with the Jenny Cell technology, based upon some proprietary laboratory tests and the intuitive and dowsing measures made by several intuitives indicates that a properly-designed and constructed type I Jenny Cell can "generate" and store up to about 30 times as much aetheric energy as a well-functioning Joe Cell exhibiting the same physical dimensions (i.e., tube height, diameter of outermost tube) and the same cylinder count (i.e., the same number of concentric tubes or cylinders comprising the cell.)
In fact, an early prototype Jenny Cell employing a set of 6 nested stainless steel cylinders measuring 8 inches high, with the outermost cylinder measuring 4 inches in diameter, radiated a strong field of aetheric energy extending to a radius of over 550 feet just a half-day after the initial 3-day aetheric energy charging process had been completed, the radius of effect seems to increase somewhat each day as aetheric energy levels build in the local environment.

As is true of most such aetheric energy receivers or batteries which use shape technology and/or high-ormus materials, the primary function of the Jenny Cell type I technology is to receive or transduce aetheric energy from quantum subspace, and then to accrue it or store it, slowly radiating it into normal physical space in the physical world immediately surrounding the device.
As such, most of these technologies function primarily as receivers of aetheric energies, and do not usually offer much functionality in terms of converting any of the undesirable forms of such energies -- what are often called by the names harmful subtle energies, bad orgone, deadly orgone (aka DOR), geopathic energies or electrosmog -- into beneficial and harmless forms of etheric energy.

This lack of this functionality in the Jenny Cell devices does not pose a problem if there are at least five or ten Coherent Space Quantum Coherence devices operating within a fifty foot radius of the Jenny Cells. These Quantum Coherence devices seem to be able to fully convert any forms of harmful subtle energies (as mentioned above) into beneficial forms.
However, since not all potential operating environments for the Jenny Cell will sport such a plethora of Quantum Coherence devices within a useful effective range, it is best to incorporate into the Jenny Cell a small Quantum Coherence assembly to ensure that any harmful forms of subtle energies in the environment local to the Jenny Cell are immediately cohered and smoothed and transmuted into a beneficial and harmless form of subtle energy.

It is nearly Friday!!

anyhoo, Yep there certainly are two schools of thought with the HHo business, I might just try to prove you wrong though old mate.....!! (it could go either way really so I shouldnt be too cocky
Wish it was friday.....QUOTE]

22nd January 2010, 09:29 AM
Cripes Tilly - WTF?? lucky I was sitting down! that would have be the longest passage of technical words I have read in a very long time.

I am still trying to work out if you are taking the piss.....??

I am a simple man of simple pleasures who enjoys simple words and simple thinking...... so.....

My sisters name is Jenny and she is quite energetic, so i might give it a crack eh?

But on second thoughts (and it was a simple thought) it might be a little beyond me!!