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3rd September 2006, 09:10 AM
Found this article in the Sydney MX paper.

Ethanol will push cost up

Oil company ExxonMobil claims forcing service stations to sell ethanol-blended fuel will not result in lower bowser prices.
ExxonMobil spokesman Glenn Henson said open market competition, and not mandates, would ensure the "most cost-effective supply of fuel".
Premier Morris Iemma last wekk said he would mandate E10 or 10 per cent ethanol fuel, by 2011, pending recommendations outlined bu and ethanol taskforce.
But the Federal Government refused to endorse the plan.
Henson said in the company's "worldwide" experience mandating ethanol would raise petrol prices higher than non-ethanol fuel.
"If ethanol use is mandated, local ethanol suppliers will have no incentive to make it avaliable at fair commercial price which is competitive with other fuels," Henson said.
According to motormouth.com.au, Sydney's most expensive unleaded petrol today was 139.9c and the cheapest was 124.9c at Punchbowl.

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That is the entire article from Thursday. Thought I would type it in here for those who might not get to see it and see what peoples opinions are!

darren leonadas
3rd September 2006, 01:36 PM
The desperate lowlife propaganda of Oil Corporations, never ceases to amaze me!!
At least they're putting their own name on the propaganda, these days, instead of standing behind a federal politician's SPIN DOCTOR.

"OH MY GOD!! SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT COSTS MORE MONEY, THAN NOT SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT!! Go figure. But my hip pocket is the only environment i care about... RIGHT"!!??
?? Why is petrol engine fuel 60% cheaper in Brazil and Cuba than in Sydney, when their fuel is mostly (E85) ethanol, and they have been living under Oil Corp. sanctions for twenty years.????
Finally an Australian Politician (If only State) has found the guts to stand up to the Corporations, and represent Australian people, and what do the mainstream consumers do? Grab their hip pockets in fear when The big brother machine says "CONFORM - CONFORM", with the crucial psyche attack of the mighty hip pocket.:eek:
Since the NSW Premier made this fantastic move we have heard scare tactics from Caltex, Exxon, and Mobile,. Is this conspiracy starting to sink in yet???
While Australian Sugarcane farmers walk off the farm down to Centrelink for benefits, leaving good land to go arid. Brazillian sugarcane farmers are laughing their way to the bank, driving V8 Holden Monaros on E85, Getting Carbon credit kickbacks for developing carbon sinks, From Kyoto agreement World Banks, while cutting down a football field a day of rainforest to make more. !!!??? Good one little johnny sh@t for brains.