View Full Version : Big bio set-up price reduced

11th March 2010, 11:11 PM
Hi Forum,
I have finally given to the thought that I will not return to Australia very soon and have decided to sell off my BD setup. This was built for life and was finely tuned over years of service. It is professionally built 1000L insulated stainless steel(SS) conical bottom tank (makes about 800L batches), with built-in specially rated theromostat element wired for 240V, cyclic pumping set so no manual mixing required; a 1000l storage cube, 2 pumps (1 mixer and one delivery), a 1 micron SS external hi-flow fuel filter for waterless washes, (but is set up with fogger in the removable lid), a 44 Gallon drum with a bung in the bottom for mixing catalyst, assorted amounts of KOH in airtight storage cylinder, high grade fuel lines, valves, and taps, a fuel meter to show amount of fuel going into car, auto shut off bowser handle connected to deliver pump (just like the servo but home made), anything else that is associated with the set-up that I haven't mentioed is yours also. It has to leave my father-in-laws' shed.

Well, what will it set you back?, reduced to $2500 ono. Has to be picked up by you form Logan area as I am overseas. Assistance on site available.

PM me on if you are interested. More discussion can take place then.:)