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Matt H
21st May 2010, 10:04 AM
Morning peoples,
I was wondering if anyone has heard of a system were a contractor places a container inside a shop and the oil is sucked directly out of the fryers and then taken away the same day?

As this would happen over multiple shops there would be quite a large amount of oil.

I will be contaction Auscol, Transpac and Veolia but if anyone else has heard of this it would be a big help. I have seen similar set ups in the USA.

Thanks guys.

Tony From West Oz
22nd May 2010, 12:00 AM
Welcome to the forum.

I have heard of plumbed used oil removal to a storage tank which is emptied regularly (not daily), in the USA.
The oil collection truck connects to the heated tank and sucks the used oil out of the storage tank.

Most of the fish & chip shops I have dealt with filter their oil daily until the oil is past it's usefulness. This extends the oil life considerably. It would be difficult to do this with the systems I have read about.
If these systems were installed here, someone would modify them to enable filtering of the oil during its life, so it would be doable, but somewhat expensive to install in stainless steel, as required by health dept codes.


22nd May 2010, 07:41 AM
I know of at least one place that uses a "pump out" system. The contractor rocks up with a truck with a long hose and pumps the oil directly from the fryers. He then cleans / services the fryer and restocks the oil. I would imagine that for this to work he would need to be ultra reliable. It would have to expensive too.

Captain Echidna
22nd May 2010, 11:08 AM
I have heard of a franchise where the owner has a (http://frymaster.com/docs/uploaded/fry/products/SpecSheets/sduspec.pdf) to filter for reuse, collect and sell oil to restraunts/ cafes/ pubs but I dont remember the franchise. Filtafry has something similar.