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8th December 2005, 09:31 PM
Some people have said they would like to try Biodiesel before going into the trouble and expense of setting themselves up to produce their own. Now I guess most of us here are fans of Biodiesel, but we can be broken down into subgroups:
1. Those who use Biodiesel in their vehicles
2. Those who don't have a diesel vehicle, but are interested in BD.
3. Those who have to buy Biodiesel.
4. Those who make Biodiesel.

Now, I guess that most people in category 3 will be from category 1. But some people in category 4 might come from category 2. Category 4 people may be reluctant to identify themselves to the wider world. Confused? Well, I'm trying in a subtle way to say some people want to buy BD and some others might be in a position to sell.
In addition, there are some people who may wish to buy only Commercially made BD, but don't hear when a pickup is on the horizon.

So what I want to do with this thread is hear from people who are BUYERS of BD. That way when the next pick up is arranged, we know to contact you and find out if you're interested. If you happen to have surplus "Soap" ;) (BD) you have made and wish to sell, you can PM anyone on the list to see if they're interested in trying your homebrew.

So, the list of potential buyers is:
Robert, Gunner, Gbrought, Cameron, Lucas, Biofuelbaby, Mayto, .......

8th December 2005, 09:53 PM
I've got a list of people who expressed interest in our purchasing group from a few months back. Some of them made it, most hung back waiting for "next time".
I thought about contacting everyone everytime we bought some, but then I figured - they know where we are (this forum I mean), so they can easily find us. Sure some people don't check it regularly, or don't use the option to subscribe to a thread or a forum (which will make this site email you for any new posts that get made). I know that some nearly missed out last time. At the end of the day, I didn't really want to be chasing everyone asking if they wanted to buy the next batch. If anyone else wouldn't mind doing the chase up, I've got no problems with that.:D

It would be really nice if some more of the "underground" makers could get in touch with us though. I've already been speaking to one privately who will turn your waste cooking oil into biodiesel for a small fee (you have to bring him the oil in min200L batches). Obviously, this needs to be done in private due to the silly tax issues (http://www.sydneybiodiesel.com/content/view/40/25/), but I'd be happy to make another hidden area in this forum for that sort of discussion to happen.

I think in time, we'll end up with a constant, repeat userbase of buyers of the commercial stuff, then smatterings of homebrew users and producers sharing around their local areas. Obviously, we'd respect the privacy of the latter group as this forum will reveal no information to the ATO, or anyone else (http://www.biofuelsforum.com/showthread.php?t=4).

The users will eventually get used to using this forum and subscribing to threads so that they will be notified of purchasing runs. The underground users will eventually form a community here too and hopefully look out for new users to help.

22nd December 2005, 12:35 PM
I am not sure which forum to list this in, but I will have several thousand L of BD in Marrickville starting in January (probably mid). I would like some advice on the preferred blend or 100. I look forward to serving up a few thousand liters the first day. I will keep everyone informed.
Morris Lyda:)

22nd December 2005, 01:25 PM
Excellent! The Queue starts here! I personally would prefer 100%, but some others might like blended, or buy B100 and blend it themselves.

Could you tell us a little about your methods and the feedstock oil?

22nd December 2005, 07:00 PM
I'm definitely interested as well, after hearing your answers to Gunner's questions. Prefer B100 and if needed, I'll do the mixing myself.

Marrickville is almost as convenient as Rozelle for me, and certainly alot closer than Rutherford!!!:D

22nd December 2005, 07:41 PM
Wow... wish I lived in Sydney. Hey that was my grandfathers name.

Does any one else get excited when they think of BD.

Hey while I'm here I wanted to wish a happy safe holiday period. I've just started mine and its the first good break in 8 months. Who's off for the break??

Merry Xmas