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23rd August 2011, 04:18 PM
Hi everyone and greetings from Greece.

The new website Biomass Energy (http://www.biomassenergy.gr/en) is a new bioenergy & waste management portal with a great variety of relevant news stories from worldwide. It is updated almost in a daily basis and I believe that it worths your attention.
Besides of that it is media partner of some of the most important upcoming bioenergy events (i.e. World Biofuels Markets Brazil Congress 2011 :: Green Power Conferences (http://www2.greenpowerconferences.co.uk/EF/?sSubSystem=Prospectus&sEventCode=BF1109BR&sSessionID=413a41e744d3f9febb832266e7483544-3808024&sDocument=Partners), Mediapartners | Expobioenergia (http://www.expobioenergia.com/es/lista-mediapartners) )

Have a nice day to you all.