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Ray Cover
4th September 2011, 11:38 AM
Hey all:cool:

New guy on the forum here. I am not from down under but I am hoping you all can help me anyway. Didn't know where exactly to put this so I'm posting it here.

I have decided to heat a small greenhouse with a simple wick style kerosene heater. With Kerosene prices going up every time I look at the pump I am investigating alternatives. I have been emailing with a kerosene heater salesman who seems to be open to alternative fuels and he tells me that the problem people have had with using straight WVO is that the oil clogs the wick. He tells me that I will have to diligently strain and filter the oil.

I have been experimenting with using mixes of WVO and Kerosene in wick type oil lamps with decent success (so far using half and half mix). I am hoping some of you may have some ideas as to what types of mixes, treatments ect will help me successful with this.

I know people successfully use biodiesel in these type heaters. However, I would prefer to make it work without having to actually set up to make biodiesel. Such a set up seems like it would be quite expensive and would take a long time to recoup the cost in my situation.

Have any of you tried this type of thing before? If so do you have any advice for me?



Tony From West Oz
4th September 2011, 10:49 PM
Good idea to try out your blends in a lamp.

Try using Diesel instead of Kerosene in the heater before trying a blend. Diesel is generally cheaper than Kerosene or Heating oil.

If you wish to try the blends, start with a from 10% oil content slowly increasing the oil proportion (at monthly intervals), allowing time for any issues to appear.

It is likely that you will decrease the wick life as I believe the veggie oil may polymerise in the wick, due to the high temperatures at that point in the burner.

How much does a wick cost for your heater?
How much of a cost saving would you need to make (by burning oil) to justify changing the wick more often?


15th September 2011, 04:03 PM

Is it possible there is someone in your area that makes Bio and is willing to trade some WVO for Bio ?
There seem to be plenty of contacts in the States making Bio.

I'd probably trade 10 litres of Bio for about 40 of oil here. that's only two tins of oil.
How much does the wick use ?