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  1. Hi Lardy, yes I am a member on AULRO but I haven't been visiting it for a long time as I have been very busy with other things in my life. I am a lapsed member of Sydney LROC too - waiting for them to get their **** together - first they have to piss the religious freaks off - I don't care what they do but I sure as hell don't want to hear about it in my club nor to have any implication whatsoever that any of the rest of us share their beliefs just because we happen to like land rovers. Next most urgently they have to throw out the people who have been engaging in a never ending bickering between Committee members and also with wannabe Committee members hanging around to make trouble.

    See ya
  2. gday mate jeez you have taste in motors don't ya ??? are you on aulro too ???? think we have a cam
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