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  1. hi cade

    good to see you
  2. Hi Cade Hope the beach is a good day.
    my home number is 0741566294
  3. Hi Gene,

    When I pulled out of the carpark mate, I was waiting there for you, but you went the other way! let me know when you are coming down again and I will save my glycerine for you. How much do you want? I make 40 litres approx each time.

    It was good to see you both again, I and I really like your oil heat exchange. on reflection, I dont think there will be too many issues with the brass. I cant see it going to crap. The only thing I would suggest is you could put a toyota (or similar)filter and water trap after the heat exhanger. a normal water trap wouldnt help you, but if you used something similar to what I have on my crusier, you could easy rig up a little light that comes on when water is in the bowl, and you could possibly shut down in time before destroying the engine if you were unlucky enough to have a water leak into your fuel line.

    heres to having a good run mate.

    talk soon.
  4. Hi Gene, Just saw your message, yes I'll be there next saturday for sure. wills ee you there hopefully, it would be good to put a face to the name!
  5. Hi Cade Is this reaching you not sure how to drive this thing
  6. hi cade you be there saturday
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