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  1. Hey matt, your private message box is full :-) happy with the panels, would pick them up late next week, if that suits you.


  2. Jens, no worries, thanks for coming along it was a long trip for you. Did Cade identify a relay as the cause of your idle issue?

    This is who you need to talk to, Australian Laboratory Services. 32 Shand St, Stafford, QLD 4053. Brisbane City North. p: 07 32437222.

    Ask them about engine oil testing.

    All the best and I look forward to meeting again.

  3. Hi Matt,

    Its Jens we met at Bills on Saturday, just wondering whether you could send me the details of your Oil Analysis people is Stafford??
    Found some black stuff in the inlet manifold this morning, like to know what it is.

    Thanks a lot

    have a nice Sunday night


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