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  1. Cheers,Cade,

    I'm actually in touch with Michael. Looks like he'll take over my sources. I actually haven't been doing my own brewing for some time. So I haven't being buying other raw mats. Thanks for your reply.

    All the best,Gordon.
  2. Hi Gordon,

    Good to make contact with a fellow bio-er! I did see your messages on the forum mate, but to be honest, I have all the oil I can use now anyway. Suzzudis (Michael) is the bloke to see, he is just starting out and he lives near Sandgate. I reckon he would welcome a good source.

    I collect around 800-1000 litres per month from my supplies and that is all I can handle at once, so I will bow out if that's okay.

    I do appreciate the offer though mate, thank you. Where do you get your other supplies from and how much are you paying for catalyst and meth?

    I currently get my meth from Darra and pay about $250 a drum, caustic comes from Redcliffe and pay about $65 for a 25 kg bag.
  3. Hi,

    Not sure mate if you saw my message about waste oil - I'm now going direct to a few of the Brisbane guys.

    In short, I'm looking to line up my sources with other forum users. I now have three sources in inner-northside Brisbane, and collect somewhere around 100+ litres per month (I collect every six + weeks). It would be a real shame to see these sources taken up by Associated Oils or similar.

    My number is 0412 776 876. Hope to hear from you.
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