Ethanol Fuel blends, i.e. E10.

I copied this from the Federal Chamber of Automobile Industries website:

Vehicle brands have provided the following information on the capability of their vehicles to operate on ethanol fuel blends, subject to the fuel meeting the relevant mandatory Australian fuel quality standards including the minimum octane rating (RON) and maximum sulphur levels. For correct in-service operation and to meet emission standards, many modern vehicles require premium unleaded petrol (PULP) which has a minimum of 95 RON and a maximum of 50 ppm sulphur.

Some E10 unleaded petrol blends are marketed as 94 RON petrol. For example, in NSW the fuel is labelled as “Ethanol 94 (E10)”. However, as these blends use 91 RON unleaded petrol, they do not meet all fuel standards for PULP (95 RON) and can have up to 150 ppm sulphur.

Does anyone know if this product is still available in Australia?
I have not seen it in Perth at all.