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Refrigeration circuit in a bioethanol plant

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  • Refrigeration circuit in a bioethanol plant

    Can somebody describe a refrigeration circuit in a bioethanol plant?

    - refrigeration cylce through the bioethanol plant installations (where and
    why its needed?).

    - refrigeration equipment (for the same factory).
    thank you all in advantage.
    my email: m.dermezoglou@gmail.com (note for administrators: i dont have any problem posting my email)

    I am from Greece so i hope my english dont hurt your eyes.

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    Re: Refrigeration circuit in a bioethanol plant

    I suspect you would be referring to refrigeration of fermentation vessels. Yeast (which I suspect would be the organism used for the fermentation stage) works best at a certain temperature, which is a balance of yeast cell death rate, and fermentation rate if i recall correctly. The fermentation process itself is an exothermic (producing heat) process, and so a refrigeration system would be used to keep the fermenters at the optimal temperature.

    Alternatively, you may be referring to the cooling system in the distillation stage; although this is unlikely to be refridgerated (rather, they would use cooling water).

    Hope this gives you a starting point.
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