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Recirculating algal bags

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  • Recirculating algal bags

    Though I know this forum is mainly dedicated to biodiesel, I am interested in making ethanol from algae, well cyanobacteria to be more specific. From the information I could get my hands on, the process is relatively simple. A closed loop system is needed, under which the cyanobacteria are stressed (through anaerobic conditions), the cyanobacteria then produce ethanol, which can be distilled from the recirculating water.

    But the main problem I am having is finding the plastic bags for a recirculating system. I don't want to harvest the cyanobacteria, I just need to be able to separate the ethanol from the water.

    So can anyone give me any links to a site that might sell or manufacture the type of bags I'm looking for?

    Secondly, am I on the right track?