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How to convert a 21 year old Volvo to E85

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  • How to convert a 21 year old Volvo to E85

    Fit larger injectors.
    Add aftermarket performance chip to enhance engine performance on E85 (not a necessary step but worthwhile).
    Fill up with E85 and drive. It's not that hard people, just do it!
    I have NO codes from my ECU's and the car runs just fine.
    The ECU's will try and achieve stoichiometric running via the 02 sensor, it doesn't care which fuel the engine runs on, the 02 sensor measures 0xygen in the exhaust and tries to get to a set value.
    At full throttle, the larger injectors compensate for the extra fuel required when the ECU goes nto open loop mode.
    You DO NOT need to change all your fuel system rubber components, modify pulsewidth etc if you select the correct injector size for E85. I won't go into details on injector sizing, the information is readily available online.