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help for biodiesel/fuel water problems

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  • help for biodiesel/fuel water problems

    Hi Folk,
    Just a note for people living in areas that can be heavily affected by condensation or 'fuel bug' contamination, which can relate to injector and fuel pump problem$ leading to greater exhaust emissions through inefficient burning and atomisation of the fuel concerned.
    There is now a technology that has been developed to alleviate ALL of these problems.
    This device utilises the water suspended in the fuel to attack and destroy any microbial growth in the fuel, there by 'drying' the fuel to below 40ppm and preventing the excessive production of particulate matter, from the combustion chamber, that is of such concern with all it's toxic contents. These are now eliminated to a great extent. Also by purifying the fuel in-line it cuts down the top end 'clatter' in the engine.
    For use in any internal combustion engine using a liquid fuel.
    I have one fitted to my 2002 Ford Marlin ute with 5 ltr V8 and does 10l>100k !
    Cheers, Hydroxyl