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Using gelatin to remove impurities?

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  • Using gelatin to remove impurities?

    I realize this is the 'General Biodiesel Discussion and it may well be the wrong place to post this as I think it is more of a bio fuel question. Apologies in advance...

    I'm new to the topic of bio fuel/bio diesel, and have just watched this video;
    In the video gelatin is used to remove impurities from WVO.
    It looks to be simple and inexpensive.
    Has anyone tried this method?

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    Hi Nigrow, This is the first I have seen /heard of using gelatin to clean used cooking oil. It looks to be a good way to clean small batches of used cooking oil
    I prefer to allow the oil to settle and stand for long tine to allow gravity to settle out any particle contamination. The settled oil is filtered thru a 5 micron filter before pouring it into my (non Common rail) diesel engine/ I then blend with about 20% diesel/ Petrol mix (where people put petrol into their diesel tank and have it pumped out). I then drive away and continue without any issues.
    I have a number of suppliers (getting difficult with Bioworx and Cookers each trying to corner the market of deep fryer oil) and still get enough oil for my vehicle and home heating fuel needs.
    Tony from West Oz
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      Hi Tony,
      Thanks for the reply.

      Three questions if I may,
      I understand that you just allow the oil to sit to allow the particles to settle to the bottom.
      How long do you allow it to settle?
      Do you not do anything about water that may be in the oil?
      Why do some people go to the trouble of adding Methanol and other chemicals to the oil to make biodiesel ( I hope I have this right...still learning about all this) when there are easier/simpler methods like yours?

      ....from Nth Qld