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Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

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  • Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

    4 Corners on Peak Oil- 10 July
    Both the STC and ASPO-Aust have assisted over the past month with references and contacts for this coming Monday's show on ABC 4 Corners on 'peak oil'. It should be screened at 8.30pm on Monday 10th July. See ABC web site for the transcript: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/
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    Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

    Looks good, but how am I supposed to tear the remote away from the missus who wants to watch Desparate Housewives?!! Video's broken at the moment too!


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      Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

      Hi Tony, yep i'll be watching to see if someone says something i dont know. You must see a copy of ABC TV "Landline" aired Sunday morning the 9th of july.
      Very informative, you must try to see a copy or replay or download, or
      what ever, I wonder if ABC archives would give us a copy,?. People on it
      like Andy Fischer of SAFF, the CEO of GMH, the Environment Minister of Brazil,
      Butcher from ABG, CEO of BP Australia, etc etc..The whole gamut of the
      biofuels industry.Excellent journalism by ABC TV... THE TRUTH ABOUT THE
      HOWARD ETHANOL PROPAGANDA, was actually started by the Labor opposition
      trying to get **** to stick to Howard, who is still just as guilty. ITS A FACT- -BRAZILLIANS DRIVE AROUND IN AUSTRALIAN MADE CARS RUNNING ON E85. while Howard cronies bag biofuels. Right now as we speak on ABC national radio, QLD premier Beaty is beating up Sugarcane Farmers survival on Ethanol.!!
      Cheers Daz.
      Pangit, I hope you pay close enough attention to your sweeter half, to make sure she isn't becoming a D.H.
      darren leonadas
      Senior Member
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        Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

        Was A very good program yesterday.
        Shows how goverments are only interested in serving themselves at our expense.

        And four corners tonight was very good, but the supply of oil appears to be definitely in decline.

        May be we wont have to worry about global warming, may be we dont have enough crude in the ground to do much more damage.


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          Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

          The entire program is available at: http://abc.net.au/4corners/special_eds/20060710/
          It is a well assembled program with good facts & broad field of resources. I consider it a must see.
          Morris Lyda
          The Biodiesel Station


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            Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

            Heh, she felt sorry for me so we watched it instead of DH (very noble of her).

            Very interesting programme I thought, if a bit pessimistic. Of course you have the doomsayers who say we're suddenly going to run out of oil, then you have the oil industry execs who say there's enough to keep up with demand for many decades. I think the answer, as usual, lies somewhere in between.

            We're not going to suddenly run out of oil - it will be a gradual increase in price as demand exceeds supply. Oil will be around for a very long time, although eventually in only a minor role. And of course biofuels will never supply enough for 100% of demand, but they will become an important part of the overall mix. And as crude gets more expensive, governments, including ours, will have to look at these alternatives more seriously.

            I'm optimistic that there is still enough time to put alternatives in place, and although there will be a certain amount of pain in the short term I am hopeful society will come out better in the end.

            I have always hated seeing waste in any form (e.g. the madness of the monstrous SUVs in the US, which really sickens me), and anything that encourages people to be less wasteful and more thoughtful is a good thing, and I think Peak Oil may be a catalyst for that.
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              Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

              Pangit, you may wish to do some more research.



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                Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

                That's exactly the sort of pessimistic view I was talking about, Terry. If we believe everything on that site we may as well give up now.

                It may actually be true, but I'm trying to be more positive and saying that although we will be forced to change our habits which will be painful in the short term, I cannot believe it's not as bad as: "Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon".

                Maybe I'm kidding myself and I'm no expert, but I'd go insane if I seriously believed that.


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                  Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

                  Pessimistic or realistic? You won't go insane, just accept it and deal with it. Perhaps my tours in Viet Nam have given me some life skills in dealing with problems that give me a head start over others. It just doesn't look that bad to me.

                  I see big problems, I also see big opportunity. Those who 'get it' and make some changes in their lives can do quite well - in a relative sort of way.

                  I find people who resort to an optimisstic denial are more likely to have bought a house in the suburbs (with a substantial mortgage), they have a job that is dependent/codependent on business as usual and they may have an SUV (or a car for each member of the household). That lifestyle is a sure road to ruin. You can either be in front of the curve, or behind it.

                  I have done some research and have found a location that I want to relocate to. I do not intend to stay around the big cities (a friend of mine was shot this morning in a house invasion). I have been taking various courses at TAFE on farming small areas, organic agriculture and I am taking another course in Permaculture in another month. I have also made a number of other decisions in my life that take into account the inevitability of Peak Oil and all that flows from it.

                  You will find a copy of my article called 'Oil' on this webpage. I wrote that in 1999. If this issue is new to you, then you have not been paying attention. No problem, now that you know, you can get up to speed and make some changes.

                  There is no 'Plan B'. As Kunster has stated about the suburban drive by utopia - "this has been the biggest misallocation of resources in the history of the world".

                  Actually, it is much worse than the 'Life after the oil crash' website has stated. Here is another link that may give you some more information to do further research. After you read the whole article, then you can do further reseach on the issue of 'global warming'.

                  Terry Syd
                  Senior Member
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                    Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

                    Yes indeed, this planet and its humanity are headed for some very spectacular changes in the very near future. Life on this planet will be forever changed. Personally, i live a Spirit driven life and of late i have been drawn to start pulling back from the city and move to a more rural setting. While we wait for the greater changes to impact it is important to prepare as one feels drawn to. Biodiesel feels to be a sensible part of that preparation process. Thank you to all whom have contributed much here and i will endeavour to understand as much as i can before i start asking questions...


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                      Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

                      Hi Folks,
                      If you want to hear more about permaculture and sustainable living, or to contribute ideas and perspectives of your own then I would encourage you to click across to one of my email lists - 'permaculture-oceania' - and join up to that. Peak Oil and various other related topics are often discussed in a solutions focused approach.

                      It is:
                      "A free, moderated, email based information and discussion service to assist the ready sharing of information, networking, and promotion of permaculture and other sustainability related issues for the permaculture community from across Australia and the Oceania Region."

                      address to sign up is:



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                        Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

                        Here is a recent article to see where we are up to -

                        "Global oil output at peak, set to fall 32% by 2020"


                        Let's see with increasing demand with China, India and other developing countries, coupled with a steep decline in production - we have a real problem just around the corner.

                        I read Jay Hansen's 'Die Off' webpage years ago. He did an incredible amount of research in different areas (find his essay!) and then figured out the crisis could not be stopped. He gave up trying to inform people and then went off to create his own 'lifeboat' in Hawaii. Someone else has picked up running the old webpage. Here is a link -


                        I note that Michael Ruppert has also given up trying to get the word out, here is a paragraph from one of his last speeches -

                        "If the activist paradigm that we live under says that we must slow down the process of reform and planning to make room for all and offend no one, no matter how much they may slow down or confuse the process, then we must disengage from that paradigm. This is no longer about protracted—and almost always ineffective—social change. This is about survival. I refuse to die, and I refuse to encourage anyone else to risk death or to slow down for or argue with people who are either incapable of understanding, too lazy to do the necessary homework, or too tightly wedded to old ideas."


                        That last link is a must read.
                        Terry Syd
                        Senior Member
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                          Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

                          I've just read the Ruppert speech in full, and it sounds like a lot of sense and very well written. My education in Peak Oil is only just beginning! However it will take more than just a few internet articles to convince me that this is all going to happen in the next few years. (I'm not trying to stick my head in the sand here, I'm just trying to keep an open mind to both sides of the argument for now).

                          Terry, can I ask you - and any others here who have already fully embraced Peak Oil and it's imminent impact on all our lives - what have you done or are planning to do to prepare for this already (other than switch to Biodiesel ). Have you changed your lifestyle already? Have you started producing your own food, learn survival skills, convert your investments into gold, etc?

                          And how do you think things are going to pan out for us here in Australia? Obviously any major economic/social change in the USA will have a massive impact on us, but what will happen here that's different? Are we in a better or worse position to make the transition to a post-peak world? (I mean as a nation, not individually). I'm thinking about our relatively low population, healthy economy/budget surplus, natural resources etc.

                          Big questions, I know, but I'm intrigued to hear what others have to say. Particularly the regulars here who I consider to be sensible, well educated people, rather than some of the "survivalist" nutters you see on some of the US dominated forums!


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                            Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

                            I caught this doco twice but it was great to watch it the 2nd time, as I'd had time to process some of the info, and could think further on the topic.

                            Anyway, I have a couple of questions - that old guy near the end of the doco who said that there were "problems with oil, problems with coal, BIG problems with biodiesel..." What are the big problems with biodiesel? Is it just that people think that not enough can be produced?

                            I'd be interested to view some statistics for oil production and projected stats for the production of biodiesel. What if the onshore oil fields were converted to growing rapeseed? Why is it that alternative fuels can NEVER accommodate the amount of people that petroleum fuels do?

                            Answers would be appreciated


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                              Re: Peak oil - 4 Corners ABC TV Monday 10/7/06

                              Australia is the third largest consumer of oil per captia in the world. Our rail systems have been allowed to decay, we now use road trains for the transport of virtually everything over the broad expanse of Australia. Our agriculture practices, in what is considered marginal land with sporatic rainfall, is highly dependent upon oil - for fertilizers, cultivation, cropping and transport. The mining sector uses huge amounts of oil to perform open-cut mining.

                              Go back to the 'After the Oil Crash' (ATOC)website and find the article entitled 'Eating Fossil Fuels' http://www.fromthewilderness.com/fre...ating_oil.html . If you want to get some historical perspective on what is going to happen, pick up Jared Diamond's book "Collapse" about previous civilisations collapsing after exceeding their resource base. Here is a synopsis of the chapter by Diamond - http://www.greatchange.org/footnotes...er_island.html

                              There are multiple links from the ATOC webpage that can fill in the details about things like biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, etc. Just find the discussion and then follow the links for more information.

                              Yes, I have made changes in my life. I mentioned the agriculture/permaculture classes and also my research in locating my lifeboat area (no, you can't know where it is). I also created a self-managed superannuation fund back in 2001. I invested everything in gold and silver shares - the fund has more than tripled in value. Like I said; you can either be in front of the curve, or behind it.
                              Terry Syd
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