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    A Group in Melbourne have recently opened a Group in Yahoo - Melbourne Biodiesel.
    I have joined that group and will support both groups.
    I also posted the following message on that group:
    Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 10:36:46 -0000
    From: "tony_from_west_oz" <tony.clark@arach.net.au>
    Subject: Would we be better off having a single site for Oz Renewable Fuels?

    Would we be better off having a single site for Oz Renewable Fuels,
    owned by an Incoprporated Association, rather than by an individual.

    Australia is a single country with six states and a few territories.
    Taxation issues affect us all similarly.
    There are other issues which affect us all, to a greater or lesser extent.
    There are State Issues - Environmental Protection is one. There are
    There are regional issues which are more related to supply of Used
    Cooking Oils and sources of chemicals.
    There are Local Government issues, amongst others, relating to
    permitted uses of the property.

    Many people do not make biodiesel, preferring to use Used Cooking Oil
    (UCO) as their fuel and making vehicle modifications to ensure
    reliability of the vehicle when using this fuel.
    Others may wish to use Ethanol, or Producer Gas as their fuel choice.

    These lead me to believe that we need an Australian Site, with State
    and Regional pages, so that everyone can contribute to the broader
    issues, but still retain the local focus from which most of us have
    developed our interests.
    For each fuel type there could be a general page, added to as interest
    increases in other renewable fuels.

    This would give us a venue to air political discussions and arrange
    group meetings to lobby for better treatment of users of these fuels
    by the Government and ATO.

    Keeping a low profile is one way of avoiding the taxman, but what
    happens when they make Methanol a Declared substance (to stamp out
    Meth Labs), requiring that all sales must be accompanied by a delivery
    address and paid through bank transfer. Yes, there are ways & means
    of seeking you out. There will be ways around this, but it will get
    harder and harder to obtain, and penalties will increase.
    We should stand up and be counted, make a difference, help make a
    change in the laws, and be accepted as poneers and recognised as such.
    Without us, the biodiesel industry would not even be at the fledgling
    stage it has just grown to.

    I seek your opinions to construct an open, considered debate on this
    Please toss this idea around and see what develops.
    The Wizard of Oz.
    Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.

    Current Vehicles in stable:
    '06 Musso Sports 4X4 Manual Crew Cab tray back.
    '04 Rexton 4X4 Automatic SUV
    '2014 Toyota Prius (on ULP) - Wife's car

    Previous Vehicles:
    '90 Mazda Capella. (2000 - 2003) My first Fatmobile. Converted to fun on veggie oil with a 2 tank setup.
    '80 Mercedes 300D. 2 tank conversion [Sold]
    '84 Mercedes 300D. 1 tank, no conversion. Replaced engine with rebuilt OM617A turbodiesel engine. Finally had good power. Engine donor for W123 coupe. (body parted out and carcass sold for scrap.)
    '85 Mercedes Benz W123 300CD Turbodiesel
    '99 Mercedes W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my darling Wife's car)[sold]
    '98 Mercedes W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my car)[sold]
    '06 Musso Sports Crew Cab well body. [Head gasket blew!]
    '04 Rexton SUV 2.9L Turbodiesel same as Musso - Our Family car.
    '06 Musso sports Crew Cab Trayback - My hack (no air cond, no heater).

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    Re: Australian Renewable Fuels Forums

    If you want to use this site, anyone is welcome to it I can make a space here that you can control.


    1. I'd be more than happy to expand the available sections here to include all the Australian states & territories, I'd only put Sydney there to start as that is my local scene. I'd be only too pleased to offer a home to any other communities as well here. I might do this soon anyway.
    2. I'd be happy to join a biofuels incorporated association and hand over this site to them (I'd deliberately made the name of these forums generic enough to support this possibility) as long as the flow of information and community sharing stayed free and accessible to all. I have no problem with this association charging for memberships that offered other benefits, as long as access to the website, or sharing amongst members was not one of the things offered for a price. This is something that I always strongly felt the BAA did wrongly (and still advertises these false promises on their website).
    3. I'd be happy to help anyone else set up a site of their own as well. I'm only doing this site from my own pocket to fill a need that I saw existing. I'm not making any money out of it, or hoping to either. I was only hoping to find like minded folk to help me out with my own biodiesel interests, as I found them all scattered and hiding on the web previously. If you decide that you do want to just do something on your own, I'd be happy to give you any help or advice with web skills needed.
    It is my opinion that there are lots of folk in the biofuels scene out there that are spending lots of time on internal politics and infighting. There seem to be lots of conflicting interests and competition, when it should be collaboration. This is sad for the cause in general. I'd be happy to assist anyone or any group in whatever way I can to further the biofuels cause (well, maybe biodiesel and waste cooking oil more so than ethanol - That's just my personal preference, but I won't exclude discussions on ethanol if people want to argue for it here).

    Tony - I fully agree that it would be far better for us to stand up and be counted, I'm really sick of everyone hiding away afraid to share what they are doing. Perhaps we would get a bit more public support and maybe be able to have a political voice if we were more numerous and obvious.
    Site Admin.