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Green Way Up

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  • Green Way Up

    I've just watched 2 episodes of this show on Netflix - the first & the last.

    Sounded like it was pretty controversial when it was first conceived 7 years ago, judging by this closed thread.


    Did anyone continue to follow them? There doesn't seem to be anything on Facebook since October 2017 announcing the airing of the show. Also the offical website URL has expired.

    According to the final episode, they made it as far as Darwin under tow from a newish common-rail Pajero that suffered a major filter blockage shortly after being filled with bio for the first time.

    I'd love to hear the un-edited version of their story.
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    Re: Green Way Up

    Thanks for the reminder of one of the most engaging and entertaining threads on the forum! I just re-read the thread, and loved it. I don't enjoy the angst at all, but gee it made an interesting read again.