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Indonesia goes to B50 next year

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  • Indonesia goes to B50 next year

    i know they closed my original news thread down 12 years ago but I thought I would pass on the following:


    B50 by 2020 is an interesting goal. It will be interesting to see if there are issues in the newer CRDI systems.

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    Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

    On the outside it looks all nice aand fuzzy.

    BUT they are not talking about biodiesel. The are talking about CRUDE PALM OIL. This may not be such good news.


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      Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

      It is hard to determine exactly what they are doing. At first glance it appears that they are talking about Palm sourced Biodiesel, then blends of palm oil and finally back to palm oil biodiesel.
      I believe that they are talking about Palm sourced Biodiesel throughout the article, but it is written be someone who had poor grasp of what biodiesel actually is.
      Palm oil blends with diesel are not viable in the currently available vehicles without significant concerns.
      They then go on to discuss the EU bans on palm oil sourced biodiesel, which is what this article seems to be about.
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        Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

        I guess they want to go with what they have on hand. Makes sense but B50 is a huge step. They might have to develop/import special local market engines. Might be the rebirth if IDI!


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          Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

          Hi Chev28,

          Originally posted by Chev28 View Post
          ... They might have to develop/import special local market engines. Might be the rebirth if IDI!
          The current emission standard for new diesel vehicles in Indonesia is Euro 2. This will increase to Euro 4 in 2021.
          As of 1 Jan 2017, diesel fuel is limited to 2500 ppm sulfur nationwide, while 500 ppm sulfur diesel is available in some jurisdictions.

          You might find that all they need to do is be more honest in advising people which fuels actually work satisfactorily with newer diesel engines.


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            Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

            Yes, they reckon their tests have not found a problem with B30 and they will probably say the same with B50.

            Assuming they are right, I guess it is up to manufacturers to update their owners handbooks and warranties for Indonesia.


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              Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

              The intention seems like a knee jerk reaction to the decline in exported Palm Oil.
              Supporting farmers of palm oil is probably a generic political stunt to get votes and will possibly work but I bet they won't use it in government vehicles.

              I'm only guessing but is the general fleet of vehicles in Indonesia sub standard diesels that will cope with a veg oil blends ?
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                Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

                I agree with Michael its probably just a political reaction.

                I do think that we are all reading the article wrong though. Its definitely poorly written, and the author has done a small amount of research - enough to use recognizable acronyms anyway.

                What I do think the article is about is blending palm oil sourced biodiesel with dino diesel. At a 30 percent or even 50 percent blend, (assuming the bio is made properly) I cant see that there would be any problems with the motor vehicles, except fuel lines / hoses / seals etc.

                Dont forget its a very warm climate, so clouding of the fuel will be non existant.

                I think they will struggle with maintaining quality of production long term. You can guarantee there will be cost cutting / corner cutting exercises as the project wears on and they run out of money chasing something that the world hates anyway. (palm oil production / orangutan issue).

                I predict it will be a flash in the pan. Internal corruption and poor management will be the downfall of it.


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                  Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

                  In United States politics today is proposed "The Green New Deal' , by liberals . There is talk of zero carbon emissions and stopping fossil fuel . It will not happen . It's pre-election propaganda , but if a large shift was made to vegetable oil derived liquid fuel (biodiesel) , does anyone have an idea of how much vegetable oil is produced world wide ? In the USA there was biodiesel added to low sulfur diesel fuel in I believe the quantity of 5% . I believe it was government subsidized . There's the food or fuel debate , but just how much plant based vegetable oil is available world wide ? It seems to me entirely impracticle to stop using fossil fuels , petroleum and coal . I'm sure The Green New Deal politicians may have good intentions , but I believe they're asking for something that's impossible . Millions of cars don't use biodiesel , they use gasoline/petrol .


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                    Re: Indonesia goes to B50 next year

                    G'day WesleyB,

                    Be aware this is an Australian forum. The conservative political party in Australia is called the Liberal party (don't ask me why). Australia Liberals are strong supporters of coal and petroleum.

                    Hooroo, John