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Sydney's only B100 Retailer pulls the plug

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  • Sydney's only B100 Retailer pulls the plug

    From the Sydney Morning Herald
    Australia's main supplier of biofuel made from soybeans, National Biodiesel, has supplied Franks Automotive in the past but was able to prove it did not supply the fuel that failed tests by the federal Environment Department.
    Read full article:

    The B100 product is still retailed in Kempsey. Ah well back to SoyB20.
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    Re: Sydney's only B100 Retailer pulls the plug

    Another reason Soydiesel wont be available could be new "Anti-dumping" tariffs
    just introduced.

    see : Australia's biodiesel industry in danger

    Who wants it anyway ? Produced thus :
    Chase away indigenous occupants of Amazon forests , burn forest , get locals back as slaves to plant soy , ship soy in dirty boats to foreign port ,make into BD , take Govt. subsidies , dump at low cost on another market with another dirty ship.

    Soydiesel had a high water content too.


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      Re: Sydney's only B100 Retailer pulls the plug

      Not sure where your references are but here and here are mine

      Natbiogroup B100 SoyDiesel manufactured in Port Kembla NSW, not the Amazon though shipments are brought from the US by some importers.
      Water content <0.05%, EN590 certified fuel Max 0.05%