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Urgent Request for Biodiesel

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  • Urgent Request for Biodiesel

    I am passing through Canberra enroute from Melbourne to Sydney and would like to hear from anyone who may have some ready made biodiesel that we could grab.

    I am filming a TV documentary called Green Way Up - 4 guys travelling from Tasmania to Norway on biodiesel and we ran out of time to make enough for contingency in Melbourne. We have to get to Sydney tomorrow and we will just about make it, but an extra bit of fuel would be great as a backup.

    Please call me on 0424 586540 if you can help.

    Thanks, Jo

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    Re: Urgent Request for Biodiesel

    Hi Jo,

    Nice to hear from you.

    Yes, we know of the guys. They posted of their plans early on, but we've not heard much of them since and they seem to have not needed our assistance for their planning.

    You may be aware of the useful thread for vege oil for travellers,
    It's other forum members who will provide support for travellers along the way. Not sure who if any will have ready made biodiesel.

    Is there a blog we can follow, or is it just Twitter and Facebook?

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      Re: Urgent Request for Biodiesel

      Hi Tim,

      You can follow the journey on Facebook - "The Green Way Up' or by checking the websitw: The Green Way Up Expedition

      Thanks for your help.

      Cheers, Jo