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Bio diesel on the central coast.

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  • Bio diesel on the central coast.

    Hi all.
    Could the members from the central coast enlighten me on the service
    stations on the central coast that sell biodiesel. I have noticed biodiesel at
    west Gosford and Ourimbah. Are there any other servo's north of Wyong.
    Can our members recommend the product at west Gosford and Orimbah.
    Thanks Neil.

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    Re: Bio diesel on the central coast.

    I was driving past the Metro Site at West Gosford a few weeks ago, just after I got my 98 Troopy Diesel. The sign said BioDiesel 131.9 c/Litre and petrodiesel just up the road was 144.9 c/litre.
    I stopped in and filled up then asked the attendant if she had any info/brochure etc. she said no. I asked the percentage and she said 20 - 30.
    As I have found no other source of BioDiesel I have been filling up there whenever I can. The price has gradually risen in line with the ambient petrodiesel price and is now up to 139.9 as compared to 150.9 for petrodiesel up the road. Still no info on site.
    I am planning to add a 180 litre rear tank to my 80 litre fromt tank. Then it will be worthwhile making a trip to Marrickville to get 260 litres of B100.
    Any info on other sources, northern Sydney to Newcastle would be much appreciated. I would like to run B100 if I can until I convert to running SVO/WVO sometime soon.