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Siliwash, Magnesol Supply

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  • Siliwash, Magnesol Supply

    I am looking for a group of buyers to divide and share a bulk purchase of siliwash.

    I repeat water wash and then dry wash using synthetic magnesium silicate called 'Siliwash' imported by Scintex, the supplying company.
    Recently they have decided to only market this in 1 tonne lots.
    I need about 100kg and they refuse to break a tonne lot.
    Are there any people who would like to share a purchase?
    I understand it is still supplied in 25kg bags so it would be easy to divide a tonne between several buyers.
    I live near Canberra NSW and would be prepared to coordinate the purchase. I can also deliver quantities to southern NSW and Sydney. (within reason.)

    Alternatively does anyone know of another supplier?

    Here's hoping, regards Tim
    0416 073 020

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    Re: Siliwash, Magnesol Supply

    Hi tbooth, Have you considered using sepiolite, which is the naturally occurring form of magnesium silicate. Here in UK I have found the cheapest way to buy it is as cat litter . It comes as small granules.

    Do you dry at all before using the media? I would not have thought ex w/wash bio (containing about 1000ppm water min) would dry to <500ppm by passing it through your media.

    A while ago I intentionally under dried a batch which showed 485ppm water. (using an IMB turbo dryer I usually get results of around 250ppm) I then mixed with magnesol and after a settling period did another water test which showed 315ppm. It does work but ex w/washed bio?

    It would be interesting for you to post your proceedure.