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Methanol wanted near Gladstone

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  • Methanol wanted near Gladstone

    Hi all.

    My mate just bought a diesel boat and we are thinking of making some biodiesel to run it on.

    I have read some posts and watched youtube vids and I think I have my head around the process.

    I have 98% sodium hydroxide ( caustic soda) from Bunnings. I have phenol from a test kit for our pool. ( I hope its the clear stuff for testing acid/alkalinity. )

    And I have some used chip oil. The only thing I can't find in small quantities is methanol.

    I can buy 20 liters in Gladstone but was hoping to get a hold of 1 or 2 liters to run a few test runs.

    Does anyone live near Tannum Sands that would be willing to sell me a couple of liters.

    Happy to pay going price of course and if we go ahead, maybe go in with someone on a bulk buy.

    Also thought it might be an idea to start a list of suppliers in Qld.

    I'll start off with....

    Puma Gladstone Depot

    2/69 Hanson Rd
    GLADSTONE, QLD, 4680
    Phone Number: 07 4976 6500

    Quoted $45.30 per 20 liters inclusive.

    If I have read the net right, 20% meth to oil ratio. So that would mean 20 liters would add to 100 liters oil making it $0.453 per liter of bio.

    Plus a small amount of caustic and some time...

    Cheap as chips.