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    Re: caustic soda

    mr fuel pincher,
    there is something wrong with either your NaOH or Methanol is should go a milky white colour when mixed... def not reddish!


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      Re: caustic soda

      Originally posted by geewizztoo View Post
      Hi Charris,
      The short answer is no I don't know. There are many different grades of Zeolite, why don't you give one of the suppliers a call and they might send you a sample or two. I can't think of a reason why it shouldn't work. It absorbs water from ethanol and glycerol is a type of alcohol.

      Quell my curiosity, why do you want to remove water from glycerine?
      Well Mate,

      Been thinking about making industrial hand cleaner and infusing it with orange oil.

      I have been doing a few experiments to acidulate glycerine and thereby remove the fatty acids. The result as you know is glycerine+water+methanol. Fatty acids float to the top and the acid salt settles out on the bottom.

      Methanol recovery should present no real problem. That leaves water, aromatics and colourants.

      I think there are membrane filters that will remove aromatics and colourants. I'm looking into that. Perhaps a bed of activated charcoal might do it too, maybe.

      That leaves the water. I asked Oily about his idea of using casting powder. It seems to work pretty well in removing water and soap from biodiesel. Maybe it might work with glycerine too. Dunno. He's not sure either.

      Then I read about zeolites on this site. I have used soduim zeolite to remove the calcuim ion from hard water and replace it with a soduim ion but I did not know of the zeolite ability to remove water from alcohols.

      That's it in a nut shell




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        Re: caustic soda

        As you may know, ethanol forms an azeotrope with water (about 4% water) that's why it's very difficult to get completely dry ethanol. Zeolite is used as molecular sieve to dry it.

        If you're going to remove the methanol from the glycerine by distillation why not keep going and take the water out as well?

        It all sounds very interesting, why not start a separte thread as this discussion is in the wrong place?


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          Re: caustic soda

          Sorry but do you know what factors with using NaOH causes it to go solid and are there ways to prevent this, Also can you still reclaim the methanol from solid glycerol, Im having trouble sourcing KOH in Thailand. Any advice??


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            Re: caustic soda


            Welcome to the forum. How long have you been making biodiesel?

            The byproduct should remain liquid whilst it is warm (>40C I expect). The methanol is normally recovered at temperatures above this.
            Once the byproduct cools down, it will solidify, so you must either ensure that the byproduct is out of your methanol recovery vessel before then, or keep it liquid by other means.

            After the methanol has been removed, water could be added to the byproduct to keep it liquid. You would need to experiment with small batches to determine the solidification temperature of your byproduct and the proportion of water you would need to add to it to keep it as a liquid.

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