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tmrw 14th free talk- Waste based biofuels in modern engines: Speaker from Germany

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  • tmrw 14th free talk- Waste based biofuels in modern engines: Speaker from Germany

    hey just saw this tmrw at St Andrews...


    Presentation on next generation technology to allow waste Bio-Fuel used in modern engines by Alexander Noack from Germany.

    Alex is the founder of ANC BioFuels Application Company and was the technical Director of the former ELSBETT Technology Company. For more than 25 years he has focused exclusively on developing high-tech engine conversion systems for the safe and effective use of vegetable oil based fuels.

    Alex will be presenting on the latest bio-fuel technology, the electronics and systems for diesel engines that provide the consistent and trouble free operation for contemporary engines. ANC also provide assistance with the complete fuel chain, from oil production & collection onwards.

    The hour long presentation will be followed by Question time.

    Wednesday 14th June
    Open from 7-00pm for 7-30pm start.
    Finishing around 10-pm with Coffee and Networking.
    Location is St Andrew's Community Centre:
    35 Caledonia St, St Andrews VIC 3761, Australia

    Please contact Event Organiser, Andrew with any questions: 0490 350 755. (I am not affiliated - I simply think it's an important topic)

    Further info;

    Internet: https://www.anc.me/?L=1

    Internet: www.elsbett.info

    Shop: www.greasenergy-shop.com

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    Re: tmrw 14th free talk- Waste based biofuels in modern engines: Speaker from Germany

    How did the talk go? Alexander comes to Australia every year and WARFA host him overnight and get updates from him over lunch, or at a public event like what you had there.Turnout?
    What was the feeling after the meeting?

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