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Make Biodiesel with Ethanol

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  • Make Biodiesel with Ethanol

    Hi Folk, i have a question to make Biofuel with ethanol instead of Methanol. Before the question is coming why ethanol. I am from Austria. I try to register in a forum in UK but it failed. So i found with google your forum. In Austria itīs forbidden to sell Methanol to private. Unless you have a business where methanol is required. I can only buy 1 l bottles in Chemical Labor Shops . Price 7€/l. Denatured ethanol is possible to buy. I hope i find a way to buy methanol in hungary. Rumors tell the hungary sellers dont ask if you have a business or not.

    Ok, now my questions.
    Is the process same like with methanol ?
    If no where is the different. Can you tell me or write the link to a side who explain it.


    PS: Sorry for my english, i am out of exercise to write in english