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  • First time biofuel user

    Never made biofuel before but I’m interested in it because I the maintenance supervisor for a small chain of gas station and we have recently put in a new fryer set up that has a massive 1500lb dirty oil tank that holds all the old fry oil. That got me thinking how hard would it be to filter this stuff to run as fuel in our tractors, we also own thousands of acres of farm land and some polo clubs. We use a lot of diesel all summer and was just wondering how hard it would be to burn this stuff as fuel.

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    Hi mate.
    I made biodiesel for many years, but in my opinion running on straight vegie oil is simpler and better,
    Contact Elsbett in Germany and ask them if they have a conversion kit for your tractor(s)

    https://www.elsbett.com/ (click on the flag at the the Aussie flag at top to get it in english)

    ALexander is very helpful.

    All you have to do is filter the oil through filter bags. It is very simple really

    Plenty of youtube videos on how to filter it for vehicles.



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      Taylor 16.
      The use of the used cooking oil depends on the engine technology of your tractor engines.
      1. Are they Common Rail Diesels?
      If so, the Diesel Particulate filter will be an issue for using used fryer oil.
      2. If not Common Rail Diesel, but is a direct injection diesel, then the oil can be used, but the use will require the use of a 2-tank fuel system to allow the engines to be shut down on diesel fuel.
      3. Indirect injection diesels with a rotary injection pump should use a 2-tank fuel system to facilitate shutdown on diesel fuel.
      Indirect injection diesel engines can use a single fuel tank, providing that the injector pump is of in-line configuration .

      Starting on used cooking oil is not a problem (providing it is liquid at the overnight temperatures).
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