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Alternative IP pump priming methods

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    Re: Alternative IP pump priming methods

    Originally posted by Captaincademan View Post
    I run a walbro pump on my landcruiser and a cheap-as-chips $20 pump on my mazda B2500. I removed the stock filter system on both cars and replaced it with a Cav style filter assembly with a glass bowl. Since doing so, I have had no filter / air issues at all. combined running distance since the change must be at least 150k. Walbro pump has been there for probably 5 years or more - never touched it. cheap pump on mazda was replaced just a month back, but as it turns out possibly unnecessarily.

    Priming is as simple as turning the key to 'on'. I run the pumps on both vehicles off the fuel pump shut off valve circuit.

    When changing filters I use a cut down juice bottle to slide under the filter assembly and then simply undo the bolt on top and drop the bowl and filter into the cut down bottle. wash the bowl and replace filter. turn key 'on' wait till the little pump catches up and your done.

    very happy with my system. wouldn't change it as its so simple.
    What he said. Ditch the standard filter and replace it with almost any aftermarket system. I personally use a Frantz 1um system. And both the Walbro (FRB51 I think) and facet pumps work well, although I found the Walbro a little noisy