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Tell us about your common rail diesel on B100

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  • Tell us about your common rail diesel on B100

    Let's make a list of common rail vehicles on B100, along with any foibles or problems that may arise:
    Here's mine:

    Mercedes OM613 (W210 E320 and W220 S320).

    Absolutely faultless, with no problems. Had to get the Cats removed, but that was pretty easy. Other than that no problem. Only differnce I've observed is that according to the fuel management system, it uses B100 at a greater rate than with dino

    Mazda BT50 (2.5)

    Runs ok if you drive it gently. If you plant it, sometimes the engine cuts out. It always restarts but the generic error light comes on. After a couple of days gentle driving it usually clears however.

    Any others?

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    Re: Tell us about your common rail diesel on B100

    i have a friend who has an HDI peugeot 406 hes been running it for around a year on B100 and it is never garaged so it does get cold in winter. He has not had a problem so far.


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      Re: Tell us about your common rail diesel on B100

      Can we all show how many Km each vehicle has traveled before using Biodiesel and since starting to use Biodiesel, whether you use B100 or blend with diesel, etc.
      Please also advise any vehicle or ECU modifications (eg DPF delete)
      This will assist us in determining the success or otherwise of the use of Biodiesel in that model.
      I will start a new thread for used cooking oil in CRD vehicles.
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        Re: Tell us about your common rail diesel on B100

        I bought a 306 hdi about a year ago and my wife has now got a 406 hdi and has done 30,000kms on 100% bio, no problems so far it also does 1400 km per tank so it runs sweet!