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Mazda WL-T engine - suitable for biodiesel?

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  • Mazda WL-T engine - suitable for biodiesel?

    Good morning all,

    I'm considering purchasing an older diesel ute in the near future to play with some alternative fuels such as WVO and making my own biodiesel as a hobby.

    There seems to be 2001-2006 Ford Courier/Mazda Bravo B2500 pop up on the second hand market on the regular, these have an indirect injection diesel engine (Mazda WL-T) with a Zexel rotary injection pump, its one of the latest year model diesel utes thats IDI and only has very basic electronics for the fuel side, no fancy multi hole high pressure electronically controlled injectors.

    Has anyone got any experience with WVO and biodiesel on these utes? It looks like its right on the break point between a modern ute but still being old enough to be tolerant to alternative fuels.

    I've included some Mazda documentation on the engine below which explains its fuel system if this is useful for anyone to review below

    Thanks all


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    No experience with that engine but I doubt bio would be an issue with it. I know of one person who ran bio on one when they were fairly new and didn't have any issues.