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Turbo diesel engines

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  • Turbo diesel engines

    New member, first post, be gentle.

    Considering getting a dual cab ute. Attracted to the turbo models, ie Nissan Navarra etc.

    Any advice/experience on using these alternative fuels in a turbo diesel?

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    Re: Turbo diesel engines

    Hey Bodgy, welcome. Don't worry, we are all quite new here

    Whether the engine is turbo charged or not won't make any difference on it's fuel. Almost all decent new diesel engines are turbo charged (and intercooled).

    If it is a new engine, chances are that it will do better on biodiesel than an older one. Older engines used rubber hoses that would get swell and biodegrade with biodiesel. Newer engines (since about '94, I think) use synthetics that are not affected. VW now actually recommends the use of biodiesel over fossil diesel as it has much better lubricity, which makes the engine happier with less wear.

    The only thing that you might need to consider is a change of fuel filter if the tank has been using petro diesel before. Check our FAQs on this here

    Still, this is not a very scientific answer, nor does it tell you about whether anyone has used biodiesel in a Navara.

    I know someone who has a dual cab Navara, which he loves, but I have yet to get him some commercial biodiesel for it (see thread under "buying biodiesel") - then I'd be able to tell you.

    Can anyone else say anything about the Navara?
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